4 Ideas of Hairstyle for Short Dreads that Will Make Your Day

Women would always want to look different yet still beautiful in just any occasion. You don’t have to worry. Even if you are black women with shirt dreads, you can always look prettily by styling your hair with various different ideas. Now, let us tell you 4 ideas of hairstyle for short dreads to make your day here below. They are basically simple and easy to make. You will style them in short time.

Idea #1 – The Cornrow Loc Hairdo

It would be great if you know how to make cornrow yourself. However, this hairstyle for short dreads can simply be styled for your hairs either by twisting or rolling them. Bring the locks you have made to one side and make sure some of them cover part of your forehead to form the bangs.

Idea #2 – The Loc Petals Afro Hairdo

If you want more unique hairstyle, you better try this one. This short dread hairdo requires you to make loc petals on your hairs. This will do even in short hairs. Try to fully form the locks and make many of them, enough to cover your head and make it look like an afro. It sure is pretty and cool.

Idea #3 – The Retro Short Locks Updo

This time, if you just love making updo, this short dread hairstyle would be great to style on your hairs. Part your hairs so you make geometric pattern on your scalp. You can simply make the short locks by twisting your hair and bring them up to make the updo. It makes pretty charming retro look.

Idea #4 – The Curly Dreadlocks Hairdo

If you have rather longer hairs for short hairstyle, you can consider making this curly dreadlocks hairdo. This hairstyle for short dreads requires you to part your hairs in the middle. Twist the hairs into many locks with rather thicker size. Bring all of them upward and make big bun on your head.

There you go. These are the 4 ideas of hairstyle for short dreads that we recommend to you here. From them, you can see it yourself that even women with dark skin and short hairs can still look beautifully chic with those hairstyles above. Just make your choice and you will appear stylishly great in just any occasions. They sure are the best to make your day.

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