5 Different Types of Hairstyles that Are the Most Popular Among Men

Have you ever been to barber to get some haircut without knowing the name of style you want to make? This is something common happening to people. While barbers might understand what style you are referring to if you explain it to them, there might be times where you can’t get them to understand too. So, it is best to learn different types of hairstyles yourself. Here are ones for men.

Type 1 – Fade and Taper Hairstyle

Both fade and taper are the terms used interchangeably. Both mean to make the hairs on your sides to be gradually shorter from top to bottom. Where you want the fade to begin is what determines the final look here. For this kind of different types of hairstyles, there are low, mid, and high fade.

Type 2 – The Undercut Hairstyle

The distinct hairstyle type we have this time is one with clipped short or shaved sides and back. Here, you leave the hairs on top to be much longer. Usually, the top hairs will be styled in various different ways, like comb over, side swept, slicked bad, brushed up, pompadour, or quiff. Undercut sure varies.

Type 3 – The Pompadour Hairstyle

Well, pompadour itself is one different hairdo type to try. Just like the undercut, you have the hairs short on sides, but long on top. However, pompadour has large hair volume that is swept upwards in the front. This is what makes pomp look on with the highest in front and falls back toward the back.

Type 4 – The Quiff Hairstyle

We would say that the quiff stands as the opposite of the pompadour. They are similar but still different types of hairstyles. You have shaved sides with longer top hairs. What’s different is that you brush the hairs forward, not backward. You can even make some fade on the sides of this style too.

Type 5 – The Comb Over Hairstyle

This kind of different types of hairstyles is the last here but not the least you have to learn about men hairdos. However, comb over sure is pretty popular among men. You get the hairs on sides shaved too. However, you need to brush the top hairs from side across the top to style this one. That way, you will get hairstyle with sleek look on. No wonder, men are interested in this hairstyle.

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