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Birmingham has emerged as one of the country’s leading short break destinations in recent years, with thousands of people heading to the city every month to enjoy its lively nightlife and top-class shopping.

But there is far more to the second city than that, including some of the best hotels in the United Kingdom, a selection of fine restaurants and one of Europe’s largest canal networks. At first thought, a canal network may not seem to be a real tourist attraction, but it provides one of the best ways to see Birmingham’s sights in the form of a boat tour Cruise / Boat Tours in Paris .

The city has more miles of canals than Venice and although the idea of a narrowboat trip in the West Midlands may not seem quite as glamorous a prospect as a gondola ride in Italy, you will soon discover that Birmingham has lots to see

Head out of the cheap hotel in Birmingham you have chosen for your short break and stroll to Gas Street Basin, just off Broad Street, where you will be able to find a boat for a canal cruise. While on your way, you may want to see some of the nearby attractions, such as the National Sea Life Centre, Ikon Gallery and the upmarket cafes and designer stores in The Mailbox.

Some of the pleasure cruises stay in the city centre itself, giving you plenty of opportunity to admire the innovative modern architecture that Birmingham has become famous for. But you could also choose a route that takes you through the city and out to Cadbury World and scenic and historic parts of the Black Country First write introdcution

These kinds of trips are an important part of the leisure industry in Birmingham and were made possible by the local council’s decision to restore much of the city’s canal network to its original condition.

Canals played an important role in Birmingham’s expansion during the Industrial Revolution, providing a simple way to move raw materials in and finished goods out of what were to become the city’s world-famous manufacturing facilities. At one time there were more than 170 miles of canals in the area and they were regarded as the most important part of the transport network

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The development of road and rail links saw many of the canals fall into disrepair and they became impossible to navigate. The local authority’s initiative to begin dredging them in the 1980s means there are now more than 100 miles of usable canals in the area. A lot of work was carried out to improve the condition of the towpaths and they now provide some great settings for walks around Birmingham.

Much of the land close to the canals in the city centre has been redeveloped and you can expect to see some beautifully-designed buildings as you enjoy your leisurely narrowboat trip. Canalside living has become chic in the city, leading to fashionable bars and clubs opening alongside the waterways.

Perhaps you will spot a couple of good places for a quiet drink or a night out during your boat ride – there is certainly plenty of choice. Before you head back to one of the city’s cheap hotels at the end of the night, you are sure to want to find a good restaurant, so why not make the short journey to the renowned Balti Triangle?