Hairstyle for Little Girls with Short Hair: 5 Ideas to Make Your Cutie Even Cuter

Every mom would want their little girls to look all the cuter day by day. Of course, this is not something impossible to do. Well, you don’t have to feel confused as to what style you have to make for your cutie. Here, we have 5 lovely ideas of hairstyle for little girls with short hair to consider here below. They are definitely ones worth to try to make your kids look even cuter than you think.

Idea #1 – The Side Swept with French Braid

The first hairstyle for little girls with short hair we have here would be perfect for kids with medium-length short hairs. Side swept the hairs of your little one to your chosen direction. Then, from the forehead, make French braid to the side of the head. This hairstyle will look cute for your little girls.

Idea #2 – The High Dutch Braids Hairstyle

The second short hairstyle for little girls we have this time is actually not that much different than the French braid above. However, instead of making small one on one side, you will need to part the hairs in the middle and work two braids down as you pull each strand under the others to realize it.

Idea #3 – The Short Side Part with Bow Pin

The third cute short hairdo for little girls here will make things easy for you with its simplest and easiest way of styling. If your kids have very short hairs, this could make your choice. Just make side parting on the hairs and pin some hairs on one side with bow pin and you are done with this style.

Idea #4 – The Single Braid with Headband

The fourth hairstyle for little girls with short hair we have this time requires you to divide the hairs into 3 sections horizontally. Brings the hairs of the first and second together and secure with elastic band. Then, simply braid the rest of the hair. Once done, just put the headband on the hairstyle.

Idea #5 – The Cute Bow Ponytails Hairstyle

The last hairstyle for little girls with short hair we want to suggest to you here is cute to consider as well. Part the hairs in the middle vertically then part them horizontally. Then, take the hairs from the first two sections and secure with elastic band. Join each of them to the second two sections below them and use big, fluffy bows to secure them.

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