Hairstyle for Round Face Men to Make Attractive and Sexier Look On You

Women are not the only people who want to look attractive every day. Even men do want to look so as well. Just like there are hairstyles for women, there are ones for men as well. If you are looking for hairstyle for round face men, you have come in the right place. Here, we have 5 ideas of such hairstyle that would make you look attractive and sexier than before. Let’s see what you get here.

1st Idea – Short Back and Sides Hairstyle

For round face, you will need the hairstyle that can help to make the round jaw shape look like a square one. One hairstyle for round face men that can do so is short back and sides style. Not to mention, you can vary this style with undercut, slicked back, or even curved and long top as well.

2nd Idea – Cool Angular Fringe Hairstyle

Give this round-faced men hairdo a try too. It has angular cut that will be suitable for round face shape. Also, it would be best for you to sweep your hairs to one side. Doing this, you will make certain contrast with the wide cheeks and make the face look more angular rather than round.

3rd Idea – Stylish Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Faux hawk is actually one of the most popular men hairstyles for round face. Why not? This hairstyle does more than enough to add angles and volume. With embellishments and spikes on top, you can expect to have stylish look that somehow changes the shape of your face. You’ve got to try this one.

4th Idea – Bold and Cool Spiky Hairstyle

How about trying spiky hairstyle for round face men in the first place then? This hairdo will also do just fine to deal with your round face. Why not? By making high spikes on top, it would deceive people’s eyes into focusing their sight on the face shape only. This hairdo looks bold and cool too.

5th Idea – All-Slicked Straight Hairstyle

Straight hairstyle for round face men would be nice to consider as well. Of course, having the hairs straight is not the only thing you need to do. You have to slick the hairs to all the sides. That way, you will easily style them and make your look even attractive and sexier. It sure is worth to try.

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