5 Great Ideas of Hairstyle for Boy Kids to Make Them Look Cool Every Day

Are you a mom of a son? While your little boy still small or growing up through his early school days, you must have wanted to style his hairs to make him look cute and cool every day, right? If that is the case, we suggest you to not simply stick to one hairstyle for boy kids. Here, we have 5 of it that would be great for you to consider. You will surely like how they would look on your little boys.

The 1st Idea – Blonde Mohawk Hairstyle

The first hairstyle for boy kids would make good choice for blonde hairs. Shave short the hairs on sides, but leave some on top. Kids will look adorable with simply short top after all. Be sure to use some gel product to point out the top hairs upward. Then, you are done realizing this hairstyle here.

The 2nd Idea – Black Quiff Hairstyle Idea

The second hairstyle for little boys we have this time is a bit similar with the first one just now. You need to shave short the hairs on sides. Making lightning pattern on scalp would be nice add. However, instead of spiking the top hairs, you simply have to brush up the hairs at the front head.

The 3rd Idea – Brown Mullet Hairdo Idea

The third little boys hairstyle we have here has a bit similarity too. However, besides shaving short the hairs on sides, you will need the top hairs to be short too. Just make them longer than the sides. Meanwhile, you should leave the hairs at the back long. This hairdo would be nice with brown hairs.

The 4th Idea – Cool Fauxhawk Hairstyle

The fourth hairstyle for boy kids we suggest to you here basically requires you to make fauxhawk hairstyle. It looks like Mohawk with shaved sides and more hairs on top. However, you will need to shave short the back as well. Then, make zigzag lines from one side to another to finish this hairdo.

The 5th Idea – Sweet Spiky Hairdo Idea

The last hairstyle for boy kids this time will need you to make spiky hairdo. Shave short the hairs on sides and leave more at the top. Then, you can simply use gel product to make cool spike on top. With blonde color, this hairstyle will surely make your little boys look all the cooler and cuter.

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