Men Comb Over Hairstyle: the 5 Ones with Timeless Look Even for Today

There are always ways for you to look stylish and cool every day, regardless of what gender you are. If you are a man, even comb over hairstyle is still worth to try. Well, yes, it might be the classic type. However, this hairstyle has been revived as well as reinvented today. As a result, there are many kinds of men comb over hairstyle with modern aesthetic. Let us tell you 5 of them here below then.

Hairstyle #1 – The Short Comb Over

Indeed, this men comb over hairstyle sure shows quite a classic look on. However, this is the one you should look for when you simply want to get more polished aesthetic. This is the choice for hard to manage hair as well. Paired with no facial hair, this hairstyle can offer stylishly formal look for you.

Hairstyle #2 – The Long Comb Over

If there is the short one, there must be the long one. It goes the same with the comb over hairstyle for men above. We get the short one before, so why not considering the long one here? You can keep the length on sides and top with it. Blow dry or use strong hold product to add volume on top.

Hairstyle #3 – The Low Fade Comb Over

Other way for you to make classic comb over look timeless is by adding fade into its mix. Try working on the taper below the ears. This will offer you more subtle transition than you think into the length you have on top. This timeless comb over hairstyle makes just perfect choice for all bearded men.

Hairstyle #4 – The High Fade Comb Over

The high fade one is pretty much worth to consider as well. This men comb over hairstyle has less room for tapering, indeed. However, you get the high fade transitions that are pretty much quickly right from the short sides to the longer top. You can even make longer locks on it if you want to.

Hairstyle #5 – The Comb Over Pompadour

The last men comb over hairstyle we recommend here is your choice if you ever want to add your comb over another level. All you need to do is to use a little loose-hold pomade on your hairs. Then, blow them dry so you get plenty of volume for bigger look of pompadour. Give it a try yourself then.

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