Men Slicked Back Hairstyle: 5 Ideas of It to Make You Look Like a Star

Sure, there are many kinds of men hairstyle to choose one from. So, what is the kind you are looking for then? If you want to look cool just like celebrities in the TV, we have some ideas of men slicked back hairstyle for you to consider here. This style is especially good for those having medium-length hairs. Let’s just get down to the ideas of this style then. You might just be interested in one of them.

#1 – The Salt and Pepper Slick Back Hairdo Idea

This men slicked back hairstyle is one with shaved sides but longer top. By slicking back the hairs on top, you will be able to show the best look of the cropped portions and even the texture contrast. Hairstyles like this are especially good for bearded men. This hairdo will keep the focus on the face.

#2 – The Seasoned and Sophisticated Hairdo Idea

The slicked back men hairstyle we have this time is simple but sleek. This is the one you should be looking for if you ever want timeless dapper and refined look. It looks neat by bringing the hairs to the back. It even works great to brighten your look more. Really, it is definitely a cool one to try.

#3 – The Bold and Bearded Black Hairdo Idea

If you have darker skin and thick black hair, this is the men slicked back hairdo for you. Have shorter hairs on sides and blow dry your top hairs while wet. This should have helped you to get smooth and straight look while having volume and shape as well. This hairstyle would also look good with beards.

#4 – The Printed Mohawk Black Hairdo Idea

The next men slicked back hairstyle we suggest to you here will need you to shave almost all hairs on the sides. Make etched designs on the scalp with the hairs if you think it is possible. However, be sure to leave long hairs in the middle to be made as long rat tail Mohawk. It is crazy but really cool.

#5 – The Wavy Slicked Back Hairdo Idea

The last men slicked back hairstyle we have here works on wavy hairs instead of the straight ones. All you need to do to style one is by using strong hold gel on your hairs. Then, use small brush to put the strands from the front to the back. Surely, you will get soft and shiny look from this hairstyle.

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