Microwaves Zap Termites Dead

Have you at any time heard of a microwave cure method used to eliminate termites?

Perfectly if you haven’t read, It has existed since1994 and if you have heard a little something about it, then you may well be interested in listening to about some of it is finer characteristics.

(1) How Do Microwaves Destroy Termites?
Fairly only by cooking them within their dwelling habitat equivalent to the way one particular heats up a cup of espresso in a microwave oven.

(two) At what warmth temperature do termites die?
Microwaves when utilized to termites that are dwelling in generated microwave penetration vary are heated swiftly to a scientifically proven lethal heat dosage fee of 128 degrees Fahrenheit or 53.five Celsius.

(3) How very long ought to they be exposed to deadly warmth range?
Dry wooden termites surrender to quick thermal demise when exposed to their founded lethal warmth temperatures for as small as a 5 minute duration period.
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In Summary:

Microwave cure of termites is turning into extra well known for the reason that of the gains attained from no poison gasoline or toxic chemical usage. Public demand from customers for possibilities to aged College substantial threat poison applications continues to expand and become a key treatment method issue.

Microwave software as applied to get rid of termites is actually the wave of the upcoming here today. It’s state-of-the-art investigate development and improved use as an alternative to lethal poison fuel is predicted to continue to be a community growing favored most popular cure determination well into the potential.

One important advantage of microwave termite treatment use in lieu of total structure poison gas fumigation is that deaths from poison termite gasoline publicity will arise considerably less normally time period

Author is a retired structural pest engineer specialist. All through his thirty decades work in the field he has just about viewed and finished it all. Karl is also an lively environmental advocate for the improved use of different no poison gas, no-chemical protected green treatment method process