Natural Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair With Twisted Hairdo

The first option of natural hairstyles for medium length hair is namely as twisted updo. For applying this style, you just need less than 15 minutes. These simple natural hairstyles for medium length hair deliver timeless and beautiful look at the same time. You can start on the hair which is stretched with blow drying. Twisted the front hair and flat twisted for the sides. For the back hair, it is placed into the ponytail which then is twisted to be a bun.

The second option is namely as Jumbo Twisted Bump Hairdo. This is easier and edgier style for natural hair with twisted hairdo. These natural hairstyles for medium length don’t require super stretched. With chunky twist out or the braid out, you can add more texture toward the hair. To get this style you have to divide the hair into three sections, then you have to twist it and finally pin it. For the front hair, you have to shape it into pompadour.

Easy natural hairstyles for medium length

For those who want simpler and easier application of natural hairstyles for medium length, you can try big effortless curls. This is a kind of kinky hair which is combined with the textured styles. For those who wear the hair loose without too much stretched, you can try these easy natural hairstyles for medium length. The aim of this style is to get the smooth curls with high volume but effortless.

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