Simple Mens Hairstyles for Round Faces

For men with round shapes, you can go with short and spiky hairstyle. This is truly simple to do which really suitable for those who don’t have much more time for styling your hair. In other words, these mens hairstyles for round faces are recommended for busy men. All you have to do just keep your hair in short haircut and enhance it with the presence of spiky on the top. With these simple mens hairstyles for round faces, you can see sideburn which frame face gently. Furthermore, there are a few hairs that lock falling on forehead effortlessly.


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Others short and spiky hairstyle is where the spike is a little bit more pronounced. In these mens hairstyles for round faces, styling has lot to do but spikes at front will add the different dimension toward round faces. This will make the face look more oval and longer. This can be applied for attending formal occasion.

mens hairstyles for round faces with longer haircut

For men who tend to have quite longer haircut, you can also go with long and wavy hairstyle. This is mens hairstyles for round faces that will allow the few layers can be seen and the length will end right above shoulders. This style can add dimension and texture toward the hair. Besides, there will be several amount of the movement as well. With side parts of this mens hairstyles for round faces ideas, you can soften round face as well as add several angles. It will look more interesting in blonde and black hair color.

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